9. Conquest of space

Joe Thomson, Artist, 03.29.2013, p1 of 1


The North East Popular/American Culture Association, NEPCA celebrated in 2012, a presentation of diverse topics related to Popular American cultural images. One of these popular threads for discussion was the successful landing of the Mars rover "Curiosity" inside a Martian crater.

The interesting thesis proposed, in the 1950s, was that the popular fantasy of Comic Book characters, like Spider Man, Batman and Superman, apart from their entertainment value, were the rapt progenitors and catalysts to pre-dispose the popular mind to favor a National destiny of Space travel to the Moon and Mars and beyond into the "Deep Space" of the solar system.

These fantastic voyages of discovery of alien beings in the Milky Way would foster a speculation on extra-terrestrial presences beyond themselves and the isolated domesticity of their own home planet.

Humanity creates technology in its own image and in the 21st century, a full complement of mobile communication devices have been unleashed with the introduction of the Internet, Smart Mobile phone services, Video Gigabit WI-FI and HI-DEF, Quantum Dot, Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs).

These have opened up to the universal consciousness a cogent reason for every speculation to flourish, courtesy of the NASA website that feeds its extraterrestrial images instantly to the home for armchair viewing, blogging and discussion on the World Wide Web.

The powerful array of radio-telescopes around Jodrell Bank, in the UK, are now directed to look for repetitive signatures that may be emitted from intelligent life already existent, sentient and perhaps more dangerously advanced technologically in a distant corner of the Milky Way galaxy, than our warlike, human civilization here on planet Earth.

The two, large, 2'x3', color collages, called "Blue Planet" and "Night Crossing" represent two images signifying the quest from a personal "inner space" that later, in the popular consciousness, motivates and enables the National quest for an "Outer Space" of extraterrestrial exploration and speculation.

The belief that American Popular Culture has given to these extraterrestrial exploits represents a nascent, American freedom that elevates the shining ideal of "The Conquest of space" to be not only an exterior pre-occupation, but an interior devolution of exploration into our own human consciousness.

This is the exciting, personable destination, rising to be, not a national, but a world destiny, being entertained in every thinking mind that looks above, in wonderment, into the starry orbit of the nocturnal sky.