8. The Trinities

“A Dance of Unity and Difference”

Joe Thomson, Artist, 03.29.2013, p1 of 3


Each individual, God-created, with his mind’s eye, can encompass in the blink of an eye, the infinity and beauty of a universe of matter and energy, both visible and hidden,  as a pure, instinctual action of the 100 billion synapses that constitute the wiring of the human brain. How instantaneous, spontaneous and simultaneous is that all-encompassing, revelatory action!


The scalability and flexibility shown by the abstracting imagination, inherent in the expression of “big ART”, restore to the individual viewer the potential status, stature and state of being human to thereby actualize whatever dimensionality to which he or she may aspire in art and life.


Caspar David Friedrich’s, tiny, painterly, human miniscularities are no more, nor are Joseph Mallord Turner’s singularities of bobbing heads of slaves cast cruelly from their ship to be squinted at, nor the stygian, soot-laden, crinkled image of the Malevich “Black Square” to be pondered at for the sign of a human, evidentiary fingerprint. We are each of us, uniquely individual, endowed by synaptic senses, open to contain and comprehend the known universe, infinity, hidden energy and even contemplate a time, before time began, before the “Big Bang”, 13.7 Billon years ago.


One artistic genre created from this sense of scalability and abstract qualities of "big ART” is entitled: The Trinities, whose drawings morph “ones into threes”, “threes into ones” and “duplicate threes into threes”


These represent the eternal Dance of Unity and Difference for the doctrine of the Trinity that was clearly enunciated by Jesus Christ in St Matthew’s gospel (28:16-17). Jesus had told the eleven apostles to meet him on a mountain in Galilee. When they assembled together, He told them:


“All authority is given to me, in Heaven and Earth. Go therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”.


Jesus’ last words to the apostles were: “Know that I am with you always, even to the end of the world”.


In the Christian mystery of The Trinity, there is the glimmer of “procession” of personality to enable our mortal mind to understand and receive its revelatory logos. This metaphysical range of distances between God and Man, Creator and created, has been one of the deepest preoccupations, conscious or unconscious,  of post-Socratic philosophers and Artists of Ancient Greece, as it is today, on-going in the 21st century.



8. The Trinities

“A Dance of Unity and Difference”

Joe Thomson, Artist, 03.29.2013, p2 of 3


But if God is spirit, then nothing mortal, but an abstract metamorphosis of image can serve to attain the hint of a distinction, between God and Man, and between its essence of “One into Three” and “Three into One” personalities of this spiritual form.


If we seek a definition of these attributes, we have below the Sonnet Poem “The Trinity”, in its “Dance of Unity and Difference” to contemplate and then compare with the “big Art” abstract representations shown in the photo gallery.


Here, repeated, is the Poem, “The Trinity” in the Sonnet form, from the Art show: “ART of Hidden Energy”, held at St John Fisher College (SJFC), Pittsford, NY on 10/23/2011:


The Trinity

A Dance of Unity and Difference

Trinity, most Holy,

Of most pure Essence;

In its Spirit,

Pure Prescience;

Of sacred, pure, pervasive Presence.

Uniquely consubstantial, co-unequivocal,

Intrinsically bound, irradiant.

Dynamic and dancing, in timeless action,

In the primacy of the Image of the beauty of Itself.

Infinitely forgiving,

In sweet, tri-cordant personality of Forms.

Instantaneous: Time eternal;

Spontaneous: with no Evil predictor;

Simultaneous: so that Faith be whole.


Joe Thomson, artist, poet



8. The Trinities

“A Dance of Unity and Difference”

Joe Thomson, Artist, 03.29.2013, p3 of 3


 Aristotle declared in Chapter 6 of his Metaphysics:

“And the unchangeable substances must be devoid of matter, for they at least must be eternal.” 


The scalable abstractions of “big ART” are certainly devoid of matter, and therefore the images that depict the Trinities, as “three to one” and “one to three”, with multiple duplications to personify dynamic and dancing forms that capture the nature of the single, true “Trinity” of revelation, must also be eternal.


There is one other attribute in these interactive abstract images that is eternal. The human viewer intuitively sees his own reflection in an anthropomorphic resemblance of the human form. The viewer is placed visually thereby, to interpret this abstract image, immaterial and eternal, as a human transcendent vision of the nature of God itself.


Note: there are two “Trinity” drawing examples shown in the Photo Gallery, one “Trinity” image is shown with three abstract forms interactively connected, as an example of forms “ones to three” and the second “Trinity” image is shown with three separate abstract forms as an example of forms “three to ones”.


The 14 line Sonnet “The Trinity” is included here and is also repeated in the photo gallery for this Art Folio #8, “The Trinities” accompanied by a Quick Response (QR) code for easy note-taking.