15.Têtes de Profil

Joe Thomson, Artist, 03/29/2013, p1 of 1



The abstract, pen&ink drawings of facial profiles can depict many personal relationships and the associations thereof that can fuel the speculation of a lifetime.

These "Têtes de Profil" images depicting spatial distances between the head profiles of people coming together in sight of each other and the consequent speculation of what that nearness would imply.

Perhaps someone is following or perhaps attending a meeting that may be welcoming, hesitant or a reluctant introduction to a surprising scene. These "Têtes de Profil" entanglements of personality expressed in these profile Heads and Faces, one to the other, may raise questions to be pondered.

Time displacement can also be invoked as a more metaphysical interpretation also. Are these eternal, abstract faces now or then, flash back or flash forward?

Several of the most potent, art historical threads are the drawings of artists in different eras. The most interesting are the life drawings of the renaissance masters such as Michelangelo Buonarotti, Andrea Del Sarto, Piero di Cosimo, Jacopo Pontormo, and supremely, the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci using his "sfumato" technique.

One of the other inspirations for this "Têtes de Profil" art folio has been the acquisition of the 11" wide drawing on paper, "Head of a Young Apostle" by Raphael, offered at the Sotheby's auction house in London, last December, 2012, and bought by the New York financier, Leon Black, for $47.9M, from the Duke of Devonshire's collection.

However, British authorities have issued an Export Deferral order to allow domestic private collectors a chance to purchase the work before January 3rd, 2014.

The Art Folio #15, "Têtes de Profil" in the abstract drawing idiom of the 21st century is a commitment to the eternality of the abstract face. Since it is "devoid of matter", there is no mortality, as Aristotle said, so therefore, it must be eternal.