14. Blake's Ethical Bounding Line

Joe Thomson, Artist, 03/29/2013, p1 of 3

In reading the mastheads of the articles in a random copy of the Wall Street Journal, dated July 3rd, 2013, there can be seen an abundant evidence of the mischief of the 'bounding lines" that William Blake, 1757-1827, has etched into his prose.
I have transposed it to Sonnet form to emphasize more artfully Blake's declaration of Chaos descending on society, once this bounding, boundary line has been crossed with impunity.
What demonstrations, riots, insurgency and "bounding" turmoil are in evidence in this random choice of mastheads in the WSJ of the 3rd of July!
Here is a random selection of the mastheads of the articles:
1. Portugal's Government thrown into turmoil
2. Tokyo's Economic Policy Mix spawns Hope and Fear
3. Taliban attack kills 7 in Kabul
4. Opinion page: MF Global's misuse of customer money
5. Brazil's Rousseff proposes overhauls
6. Egyptian Revolt reflects ebbing Islamist sway
7. Ad infinitum...
All these ethical states of global turmoil, in turn, are the results of the straining mischief of the "bounding line" that William Blake, the etcher, so predicted, in his own artistic prose, and whose consequences are specifically articulated in the sonnet form below.
If the "bounding line" inspires the creative urge to so circumvent and overcome the difficulties in accomplishment by talent, artifice and ingenuity, where is then the "boundary line" of ethical and moral introspection, hard regard for consequential effects and circumspect sensitivity for the erosive draw-down of the true art of life and living in the social sphere?
Is there only a capitalistic game to be played so that the impoverished rich can be born and languish until, as Blake says, "the line of the Almighty is drawn out upon it, before Man or Beast can exist"?


14. Blake's Ethical Bounding Line

Joe Thomson, Artist, 03/29/2013, P2 of 3

Blake's Bounding Line
(Transposed from Blake's prose to Sonnet form)

The great and golden rule of Art,
As well of life is this, that the more distinct
Sharp and wiry, the bounding line,
The more perfect the work of Art.
And the less keen and sharp,
The greater is the evidence of weak imitation,
Plagiarism and bungling.
What is it that distinguishes honesty
From knavery, but the hard line of rectitude
And certainty in the actions and intentions?
Leave out this line and you leave out life itself.
All is Chaos again, and the line of the Almighty
Must be drawn out upon it,
Before Man or Beast can exist.


Joe Thomson, Artist, Poet, and transcriber, 2011, for
William Blake (1757-1827), Artist, Etcher and Poet.


14. Blake's Ethical Bounding Line

Joe Thomson, Artist, 03/29/2013, p3 of 3

Joe's Boundary Line

The random mastheads of the global news
Reveal the straining, social mischief
Of Blake's honest, bounding line.
As Blake, the artist, etcher, so predicted,
Outlandish and exuberant excess
Has ruined many a plate!
Immoral "doubling-down" on bounding
Signals with conspicuous alarm
That "Bigness" cannot fade, or fail its rescue,
When camel trains may pass, with piercing eyes,
As pilots through an incredulous needle.
The boundless, bounding etch has scarred
And gashed the plate beyond its "boundary",
And Terminus, the Roman God, illimits all.


Joe Thomson, Artist and Poet,