11. Psychologica, Collage and Abstraction
Joe Thomson, Artist, 03.29.2013, P1 of 2

The psychological "Rorschach" test can be enhanced by an artistic transformation to a series of art collages and "spider line" drawings that reflect real substances and yet offer sophisticated ambiguity, ambivalence abstraction that are completely free of any intentional subjective restraint or conjecture.

In the Art Folio #11, drawing series, the photo gallery presents a link to many psychological states that prompt the viewer to express vocally what is within their psyche and thus reveal their personal, intentional, innermost thoughts through the metaphysical medium of these "real" collages and "spider line" drawings that are ostensibly abstract, ambiguous and ambivalent in form.

To borrow again from Aristotle's thinking on potentiality and actuality, the creation of a metaphysical, "spider-line", image that is devoid of matter, with no figuration or mortal presence, must therefore be eternal!
The created image converts potentiality to actuality by its coming into being, as its own existent, abstract prescence. If the birth of this metaphysical image did not happen, was not drawn by the artist, then it would remain potential and not actual, Aristotle states.

If the "Primacy of the Image" is to be accepted as "prime", in the ontology of perception, then an art image would qualify, one example being the art collage included in the photo gallery for the art folio #11, entitled "Wake your Dreams".
There are two other titles associated with this art work, namely "Amygdala" and "Ancient Threat Memories" that relate to the sources of mental images that also count as "prime", and that are equally valid, namely normal feelings and aroused emotions.
The separation of feelings and aroused emotions is a practical distinction made in order to stratify the human differences between normal and excited, paranormal states of human behavior. All of these potentially imagined feelings and emotions are first sifted and selectively emoted in the mind and willed, as thought intentions, before they are actualized by invitation of the will and expressed by speech, text in future discourse leading to future committed action.
These are the entities in the descendent chain of orders proceeding from the "Primacy of the Image". The descendent order of the "Primacy of the Image" ontology is firstly, prime image, then thought, speech and text, then action.


11. Psychologica, Collage and Abstraction
Joe Thomson, Artist, 03.29.2013, P2 of 2


The expressions of feelings are the normal representations of imaging in human discourse that describe and animate events and conversations, as evidenced in human behavior.
However, the expression of emotions may range from the highest, paranormal extremity of "transcendent sublimity" descending through multiple strata to the most base level of "evil invitationality", evidenced in human history and personal experience.
The Art Folio #11 photo gallery addresses with the "Ancient Threat Memories" collage this paranormal extremity in human behavior that calls into sharp relief the potential and actual expanse of human, psychological states exhibited in calm and aroused behavior.
The psychology of the art of collage and abstraction, then, is founded on "real" and not "imitative" representations of art images. This psychology, based on the "Primacy of the Image", becomes realistically entangled with both the imagined feelings and aroused emotions of the viewer or patient who is asked "what significance do you see in this image" in order to elicit the invitational response that is the summary judgment of the declarative psyche itself, conflicted with its myriad of intentionalities.
The question remains that no one knows the complete meaning of what the created, metaphysical ,art image purports. At its creative best, it serves as a mental window into the paranormal universe of the emotional landscape of the human soul. The ontology of perception acts through the "Primacy of the Image" from which the viewer and patient imagines their normal feelings and paranormal, aroused emotions.
The "real" art of collage and the metaphysical abstraction of "spider-line" drawing becomes the revelatory connective link between the intentional, mental images of human feeling and aroused emotion.
The observant eye enters into the infinity of the image, and as long as both survive, subject to the fickle transience of time that trickles out before us, then 6 cents of ink and 44 cents of paper can hold us transfixed for a lifetime, far beyond the scrapped longevity even, of a very expensive automobile!
And if the paper substrate, it is drawn on, perishes, then it, no longer, would be eternal!
In its abstraction though, the image may then become a memory, a mental signatory to its eternal source. Our spirituality cannot deny or obfuscate the image since it is "Prime", but be held tightly by our will, cradled within the other images of our sweet, existent, perceptive preoccupations.
Joe Thomson, Artist, Poet, 07/13/2013