10. The Art Scrolls of Hidden Energy

Joe Thomson, Artist, 03.29.2013, p1 of 3


This Art Exhibit, entitled "The Art Scrolls of Hidden Energy, held in the lower level of the Lavery Library, St John Fisher College, SJFC, Pittsford, NY, in November, 2011, consisted of three artistic, exploratory motifs:

1. Chinese traditional "chop mark" inspired, color QR codes of pithy text and verse
2. Poetic verse in the un-rhymed Sonnet, or "So-Not" form
3. Abstract combinations of Drawings entangled or intermingled

This exhibit, "Art Scrolls of Hidden Energy", introduced initially 12 scrolls (2' x 3') that included the printing of color, QR codes that resembled, in a Western sense, the use of the Chinese traditional convention of "chop marks" to record the provenance of the previous owners of the Chinese prints over many centuries.

By the same token, the modern, 21st century, Quick Response (QR) code could be interrogated similarly by a viewer carrying a smart phone or hand-held, player device that would conveniently access the art works' referral to the artist's web site, possibly with a link to a video discussing the art work, with even the possibility of a further excursion to the Catalog Raissonée for more complete information.

The accompanying inclusion of poetic text in the un-rhymed Sonnet, "So-Not" form also as a color QR code is another adopted artistic blending of text and as a visual, standing metaphor for the "Primacy of the Image".

The major inspiration for the theme of the exhibit "Art Scrolls of Hidden Energy" is the revelation of the colossal hidden energy discovered in the cosmos. These invoke our own ideas of dimensionality in art, expressed in the" spider line" ambiguities of abstract drawing that relate to the particle phenomena underpinning our physical existence as human beings.

The twelve art scrolls are composed of abstract drawings, text in verse and color QR codes representing the associated Sonnet poem and the color QR code assigning the current provenance of the art work itself to the artist, akin to a Chinese traditional "chop-mark" assigning ownership.

The metaphorical meaning of the artistic expression of "hidden energy" addresses the hidden resources that lie inside the inventiveness of the human individual, especially in times of economic, political and theological stress. The linked idea of the art folio #7, Chrystoa and the Blitz of "big ART", re-awakens this yearning for intellectual, inter-personal contact.


10.The Art Scrolls of Hidden Energy

Joe Thomson, Artist, 03.29.2013, p2 of 3


The (12) art works of the "Art Scrolls of Hidden Energy" exhibit that are named after the scientific particle descriptions of matter and energy that have been experimentally and theoretically predicted are:

1. Strings
2. Shining
3. Quanta
4. Hidden Energy
5. Tricordia
6. Trinity
7. Dimensions
8. Irradiance
9. Collision
10. Emanation
11. Particles
12. Entanglement


As a first example, the Trinity Sonnet, Art Scroll #6 above, is highlighted here for its interesting, complex insight.

6. Trinity,

Dance of Unity and Difference

Trinity, most Holy,
Of most pure Essence;
In its Spirit,
Pure Prescience;
Of sacred, pure, pervasive Prescence.
Uniquely consubstantial, co-unequivocal,
Intrinsically bound, irradiant.
Dynamic and dancing, in Timeless action,
In the Primacy of the Image of the beauty of Itself.
Infinitely forgiving,
In sweet, tri-cordant personality of Forms.
Instantaneous: Time eternal,
Spontaneous: with no evil Predictor,
Simultaneous: so that Faith be whole.


Joe Thomson, Artist, Poet, 03.29.2013



10. The Art Scrolls of Hidden Energy

Joe Thomson, Artist, 03.29.2013, p3 of 3


The Art Scroll #1 example listed above is entitled "Strings", which are the most miniscule "violins" in the particle universe, unseen, unmeasured, but theoretically postulated by science to be the fundamental weave of matter, making up all atomic structure.


Note the accompanying sonnet "Strings" is represented in the photo gallery, as (2) QR codes, one being the first septet of the sonnet "Strings" and the other being the second septet of the sonnet, which is seen below. 

1.Strings, first septet

Moving, invisible strings, that bind the eye,
Ring with nimble ocular vibrations,
At wave lengths higher than is heard or seen.
Drawn out with pen, eleven dimensions intersect.
They curl like molluscs in a tiny graticule.
The ambient source of light,
Instant as a laser-shafted ray,

1. Strings, second septet

Stark and luminous from a boundary star,
Rakes the strands of straw-lit sheaves,
Into a sun-spun gilded weave.
The corded chords are the most minute
Of heavenly matter catching breath in Space.
And the lines, in retrospect, in arcs of elegant grace,
Imbue the art imagination with colossal scale.


Joe Thomson, Artist, Poet, 03.29.2013


There are poetical Sonnet texts for the other ten Art Scrolls of the exhibit, but not presently included here, on the web site. These form the complete exhibit "Art Scrolls of Hidden Energy" shown on display in November, 2011.