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The mission of the GSC Representatives website, www.gscrts.com , is to introduce a visually scalable collection of color Collage and abstract, pen and ink Drawings for the 21st century "coming of age" of a new and innovative, artistic genre, called: "big ART".

To paraphrase Ben Franklin:


"A great "BIG Art" is a little "big ART", that does something first".


The artistic representations of these abstract images are intended to be primal sources for individual imagination, thought, speech, text, and other related, Derivative Arts and Distractive Media.

The art of the last two millennia, through the 15th century Renaissance, has achieved and celebrated the mastery of human figuration, now viewed universally in Museums, depicting, with all of its affecting transience, a solemn witness to the dire mortality of the human body.

In the 19th century "Age of the Sublime", the depiction of human forms in art became reducible. Mortal beings were rendered tiny in size compared to the overwhelming grandiosity of Nature itself. At the beginning of the 20th century, the last vestige of humanity finally vanished with the creation of the Malevich "Black Square". The human, anthropomorphic identity that defined our individual existence for 50,000 years was finally erased, ostensibly. Its artistic expression was finally blotted out in the 20th Century, the most savage, horror stricken and de-personalizing period ever recorded in humanity's habitation of the Earth.

What you see then on this website is a "big ART" collection of sixteen related folders of Joe Thomson's "big ART" works that deal with 21st century, abstract figuration, whose aim is to restore to the 21st century a meaningful, spiritual identity that will serve in any new Chrystoa, as a wellspring of creative inspiration for all who wish to participate.
The "big ART" Art folios, with their photo gallery in the proper folio titles, are referred to as:

1. 21st Century Collages ( the intelligence resides in the cutting edges of the paper)
2. Aristotelius Abstract Line Drawing (devoid of matter, they are therefore eternal)
3. Line, color etching on Japan paper (sfumato, unregistered color printing)
4. Cartes de Faire Note Cards (customized to different popular themes and occasions)
5. Cinquecento, Florentine, images (15th century figuration copied by 21st century abstraction)
6. Kiln and Raku, Tile and Mosaic Ceramics ( line, figuration and text co-existent on clay tablets)
7. The Chrystoa (re-creating the Ancient Greek Stoa idea the philosopher, Chrysippus, espoused)
8. Trinities (abstract drawings of essences, presences and presciences)
9. Conquest of space (color collages of real, not illusionary, socially inspired contexts )
10. Art of Hidden Energy (scrolls with abstract drawings, poetic text and quick response (QR) codes)
11. Psychological studies in abstraction (spider line drawings that are ambiguous in subject)


"big ART", Home Page

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The "big ART" folios are continued, in the following titles with their accompanying photo galleries:

12. Valley of Fire Collages (Las Vegas, arid, weather-beaten, sandstone outcrops reveal faces)
13. The Poetics (Sonnets that use internal assonance instead of forced rhyming artificiality)
14. Blake's Bounding Line (the Ethical limit, when Chaos erupts, that the Almighty must re-draw)
15. Têtes de Profil ( abstract profiles of human heads in various positions)
16. Stallions & Spectators (Lipizzaner Stud farm and Spanish Riding school , Vienna, Austria)

Note: further Art Folios will continue to be added for viewing, as future ideas and occasions permit.


The philosophical basis, of the artist, Joe Thomson's approach to "big ART" is the ontology that affirms that "image is primal". Our human "thoughts" are stimulated through our senses and our experiences in past-time contribute to our intentional but unrealized desires. We first "think it through" until we decide to utter our first word of recognition and speak. So speech in this ontology follows thought.

Prompted then by a novel viewing experience, of say, "big ART", we may initiate a written text. So text is next in this ontological, hierarchical progression that we discern in patterns of human communication.

What follows then in human experience are the derivative expressions of all human activity, all founded on the primacy of our feeling for the visual image, experience, and memory, real or imagined.

These then reveal the emergent foundation of our consciousness. The "Primacy of the Image" is the fountainhead, the awakening source of the "Primal Arts" which give birth to all the "Derivative Arts", which themselves are no less significant, relevant, and profound, either in media or message, in Theatre, Ballet, Opera, Orchestral, Choral and Popular Music, Digital Film and Book Arts and many other articulations beyond.

What follows then are all the "Distractive Arts" including all the heroic, shining, sports activities and recreational, health related activities in life, that we experience in living, breathing and being individually human in our co-existence with the physical forms of the nature of creation.


"big ART", Home Page

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The projected "Minute" Gallery at the Piano Works, 349 W. Commercial Street, East Rochester, NY 14445 is a tiny, miniscule, vestibule, 8'x5', next to an office studio, that is planned to be dedicated to the presentation and display of a varying selection of diverse art works shown on the website, www.gscrts.com, as themes of different exhibit ideas are developed and presented over time.

At present, the " Minute" gallery does not exist.


The visual aesthetic proposed by Bernard Berenson, Connoisseur of Classical Art, in the 1950s, indicated three marks of authenticity in any engaging art creation. These three distinguishing hallmarks are:

1. The retinal impression in the viewer ( the end points of abstract lines act as stimuli to the eye)

2. The time movement in the art design (the abstract lines flow back and forth, as time directed)

3. The active spaces without voids (the abstract spaces are not dead but resonate within the nesting of the bounding lines)

The "big ART", scalable abstractions follow this "Berensonian" aesthetic.


For your kind and continuing interest in viewing this innovative, 21st century introduction to the scalable abstractions of "big ART", please access the Quick Response (QR) code placed on the Home Page for the contact particulars of the artist, Joe Thomson.

Or contact: GSC Representatives, as follows:

GSC Representatives, attention: Joe Thomson, Artist, Suite 2263, 349 W. Commercial Street, East Rochester, NY 14445, tel: 585 385 1170, e-mail: gscr@frontiernet.net

This web site address is: www.gscrts.com

Thank you for your kind and considerate participation in this artistic viewing experience, I hope it is artistically, thought provoking and equally enjoyable.

Joe Thomson, Artist, 03/29/2013

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